1. The supplied equipment caused by various reasons do not tally with the actual process conditions, if not installed equipment use, can replace the required models.

2. Those who caused by our reason of unqualified suppliers, we are responsible for free replacement or take other remedial measures to ensure tenderee put into operation on time.

3. Our commitment to the conventional product warranty for the goods to the site for 12 months from the date of 12 months, if appear quality problem, we free replacement (the damage caused by human factors such as wrong operation except).

4. To provide all the product information and free technical advice.

5. According to user needs, in the on-site installation guidance to the user, to free technical training instrument maintenance personnel.

6. From the user's drive to normal driving, send 1-2 professional engineers to provide technical support for the normal operation of valve.

7. I currently have 14 offices across the country, respectively in urumqi, Hohhot, taiyuan, zhengzhou, xi 'an, Beijing, chengdu, shenyang, jinan, nanjing, hangzhou, wuhan, changsha, guangzhou, each office is equipped with more than one technical support personnel. If the bidding equipment problems occur in the future use, can guarantee within 4 hours after receive your written notice to respond, by professional personnel to the site maintenance within 24 hours.

Note: if the above content is inconsistent with the contract, the content of the contract shall prevail.