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SUPCON GROUP  is  China`s  leading provider of automation and information technology, product solution. Business  involves  the  fields of factory automation, public engineering information, equipment automation, etc. In  the factory  automation field, SUPCON GROUP  can  offer  InPlant  industry  automation  solution  of products and services to customers, including control system, advanced control software, industrial process control valve, automation instrumentation etc.

Zhejiang SUPCON Fluid Technology co., Ltd. Referred to as SUPCON FLUID, is an important member of the SUPCON  GROUP.  Its core products,  industrial  process  control  valves,  have an important position in the SUPCON   InPlant   industrial   automation   solution   of   products   and   services.  Based  on  the long-time engineering   practice   and   technology  accumulation  of   the  SUPCON  GROUP,  SUPCON  FLUID  takes technical innovation as its driving spirit, market demands as its guide  and  years   of   unremitting  efforts as  its  soul. SUPCON FLUID has  successfully  launched  high  quality  valves  which can meet their customers’ expectations. The company is committed to provide users with international competitiveness of  high quality products  and comprehensive technical services in   oil   and   refinery,  petrochemical,  coal  chemical,  fine  chemical, metallurgy, power plant, water treatment industries and so on.